Business ♥ DevOps

DataArm provides DevOps teams, IT managers, consultants, NOC operators and Business owners an immediate vision of complex services and automates knowledge-driven processes such as:

Finding out what configuration changes are happening, anywhere. And how they impact the business.


Out-of-the-box functionality

DataArm Advantages

Own Your Data

DataArm is a software application that runs in your own datacenter or cloud, and is delivered as an easily-updated container-based micro-service. You data never leaves your network.

Constantly Observing

Probes are configured to record topologies, data, and meta-data via polling, publish/subscribe, or creating an API endpoint to receive data, all common interfaces supported (RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, SQL queries, CSV, JSON, XML file dumps, web sockets, etc.)

Deep Exploration

The DataArm UI allows exploring relationships and data about any component, for instance:
What is IP address connected to?
Who owns the "Billing Service" and where is it hosted?
How many cloud instances are being consumed by the QA team?

Powerful Change Tracking

The addition, change and removal of any observed infrastructure component is tracked, allowing users to explore how IT topologies change over time (invaluable when troubleshooting problems or auditing for policy compliance)

Easily Shareable

Graphs, custom reports and free-form text search can be easily integrated and referenced in CMDB tools, email reports, Wikis, Enterprise Social Networks, existing dashboards or any system than can integrate via email, APIs, database queries, web socket events, embeded content, etc.

Like what you see?

We offer a platform with all the building blocks and most of the functionality out-of-the-box, but running an IT-supported business is a complicated endeavor, it would be naive to pretend a single solution would fit without adapting it to your needs. Give us 10 minutes to learn about your operation, so we can tailor a quick 10 minutes demo focusing in the areas that would be of interest to you.