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InsightNow! by DataArm


A docker container platform managed by you: either a physical or virtual server (Platform-as-a-Service), or an on-premise or cloud-based (Container-as-a-Service)

Installation (everything done by us):

It is highly dependent on your operation, in general, something like this:

  • Schedule a time to understand your process, tech stack, etc.
  • Agree on a specific first goal (there are many use cases, but we start with things like "lower the NOC response time," "audit open listening sockets" or "find the differences between two datacenters").
  • Deploy
  • Gather read-only credentials, test connectivity
  • Scan some data sources, leave a fully-functional setup working that solves that initial goal (generally takes a couple of hours if you have all routing, provisioning, and credentials ready)
  • Schedule a weekly time to show you how to write reports, a training session with your team, demo to your business team, up to you.

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Technical Documentation

Read the docs here

Functionality overview