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Our standard license/contract

This is how we contractually engage, and the only "legal paperwork" you will see from us, please read (it's in plain english):

  • We will work to the best of our abilities to deliver what we agree to do in this document, you have the power and ability to enter into this contract on behalf of your organization and to respond promptly to our requests to define requirements, review deliverables and provide all required access and resources when needed.
  • You can cancel the contract at any time for any reason and pay only for the work you have accepted, but we expect you to share any feedback or concern as early as possible so we can offer an alternative if within our remit.
  • You can make as many modifications as you want on the deliverables or the way we execute the work, provided you request the change in written (an email is fine) and negotiate a fair adjustment on scope, cost or delivery date.
  • We will not disclose any information you share with us; we expect you to treat any information we share with you with the same level of confidentiality, including our software and any related material, we don’t expect you to take any action with the intent to create or extend a competing or similar product (or allow, induce or aid any third party to do so).
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to provide error-free software, but by the nature of software and hardware we can't guarantee it will always be the case, so we can’t be liable for damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate our software, but, we’ve got your back: should something break, we will help you to troubleshoot the problem at your request; if we find the problem to be caused by a bug on the software we delivered to you, we will fix the bug, and assist you during the event at no charge; but if the problem is caused by any other reason (e.g. a software upgrade not executed by us, a problem on your environment or platform, a change on an API provided by you or a third-party, operator error, negligence, tampering, an act of God, force majeure, etc.), we will still help you to find a solution, if you so desire, but charge you for the time we spend assisting you at our current hourly rate.
  • Talk to us if you want to extend, improve or integrate our software with another system of yours, we will help you to analyze the requirements and suggest ways to achieve the results you look for while ensuring you don’t unintentionally void our no-charge bug fix guarantee above.
  • You can install, reinstall, scale up or down, migrate to more powerful hardware or choose any other method of deployment within your organization’s internal networks; there are no artificially-implemented usage restrictions in our software (other than the license been non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-resalable and for your employee’s internal-use only).
  • We are here to build a mutually beneficial relationship, we are also flexible and understand life, nature and business are un-predictable, talk to us if you want to negotiate a payment extension or postpone the work, but we reserve the right to cancel the contract if an invoice has not been paid in full for more than 30 calendar days from the date we send it to you electronically or if you fail to meet your part of this agreement, we will however clearly communicate our intentions via email and offer flexible arrangements when possible, once again, please talk to us, we appreciate your business very much.

Pretty cool, eh?

In short, we expect you to play nice, and we impose no annoying limitations on you:

  • Install one or multiple copies (as long as it is for your organization's internal use), there is no "license key" or "DRM", we don't even ask to collect "anonymous metrics"
  • Provide access to one sysadmin or your whole IT crowd around the world, we are not counting "seats"
  • All functionality is un-locked, no "premium" features, or "enterprise" versions
  • Process a couple hundred IT infrastructure "things", or 250,000; who's counting? (Not us). Just thow in more CPU and memory if you need to (we test with ~45,000 on a Macbook Air, and ~150,000 on a modest server, we've seen clients processing ~250,000 without a sweat).

Other alternatives

First let me tell you about other alternatives, that while not cheap (real cost is hidden behind per-seat, feature-based pricing), will make more sense if most of the following statements are true for your operation:

  • Mainly a one-man-shop, or small IT operation (i.e. a managing a few hundred "things")
  • Visio plus Word and Excel work fine for you (all your docs fit in a flash drive)
  • You don't need to integrate with monitoring tools (server names are enough to link the two)
  • 9-5 operation, can have downtimes without much fuss
  • No use for formal "impact analysis", "alert aggregation", "NOC operations", "alert escalation", "on-call rotations", "problem management" (nobody jokes about COBIT, ITIL, and TOGAF)
  • You have no security policies against relaying your private data through SaaS providers like Zappier (or flat-out storing it with third-parties)
  • You have no "DevOps", "SRE", "Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration", "Puppet/Ansible/Salt/Chef" or "orchestration" in place
  • No "internal development," "Agile", "Architects", "Technical Project Managers"
  • Nothing like multiple "cloud providers", "container engines", "your own datacenter cages", "load/web balancers", "database clusters", "network routing"
  • You primarily support workstations and end-user devices

Search for "CMDB" or "Monitoring tool" and look for the newer companies that offer SaaS products with integrated inventory and documentation features, it's nice to have a single vendor

If you are a reseller, or "MSP" and don't mind being "boxed" into a limited set of features, integrated tools like these make sense:

If a network-only tool is what you need, and don't mind SNMP or LLDP scans, search for "NetBrain alternatives"

OK, the money

Very simple plans:

  • The initial pilot test on-site is free (generally a couple weeks, but we would negotiate it based on your requirements)
  • $350/month if you are a small organization (i.e., your yearly income is less than the price of a brand-new SUV, like in the case of non-for-profits, small public education institution, startup, etc.), shoot us an email for details.
  • For anything else, we would charge a fraction of the savings we provide you (based on your own analysis), just like a lawyer working pro-bono
  • There are many ways we can tailor a package that makes sense for your particular circumstances:
    • Priority phone support (by an engineer), including retainers and fixed-price packages
    • Source code escrow
    • Custom work:
      • Integrations (e.g. use as Ansible's "dynamic inventory" / Puppet's "external node classifier", automatically route vulnerability alerts from Cibersecurity tools to engineer and business owners, automatically populating your inventory/CMDB/monitoring systems, etc.)
      • Automation to match your internal processes (e.g. create a ticket if a VM is not configured for backups within two days after it is provisioned or create user accounts when ActiveDirectory groups are modified, in case a system does not support LDAP, etc.)
      • Visualizations, analytics and PKI metrics
    • General consultation, DevOps automation pipelines, etc.
    • Personalized training, on-site consultations
    • Re-seller and OEM integrations
    • Or a flat hourly rate for any other "green field" work

We are engineers (developers/sysadmins/hackers doing DevOps before it had a name), from the great Randall from xkcd, devotion to duty: